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In Ratti, the art of savoir-faire opens itself every day to the trends and demands of contemporary connoisseurs, in a constant search for excellence and exclusivity that is nourished by those cornerstone ethical values that the Group has always had.

This is a commitment that has led Ratti to affirm a signature style that strikes an elegant balance between the savoir-faire of its experts and the brilliance of its design office, as between technological innovation and sustainability, thanks to the journey Ratti for Responsibility, which it has undertaken since 2011.




Ratti mastership

INNANGELO’s scarf collections are crafted by Ratti. This prestigious company was founded by Antonio Ratti in 1945 on Lake Como and is one of the biggest luxury textile manufacturers in the world. The Ratti name is a symbol of resolutely ambitious quality in the world of luxury.

Over the last 70 years, Ratti has worked to magnify silk and other natural fibers by applying its extraordinary savoir-faire and high standards to every step involved in the creation of fabrics.

On the cutting edge of textile technology, Ratti has consistently pioneered and adopted innovation in weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.


Today, Ratti works with major designers and distinguished international fashion labels.

Ratti works in harmony with art and culture and remains committed to the motto of its founder: “nothing but beauty”. Antonio Ratti consistently supported cultural initiatives through the Antonio Ratti Foundation, specialized in contemporary textile studies.